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Hi everyone, what I am going to say today is the unlocking movement. What is the unlocking movement? In short, it is both active and educational Many people will think that you just want to learn to unlock theft Can’t you let me unlock it to your heart? In the real world, almost all robbers use violent means to enter the house. Usually use a hammer or crowbar Or use some bypass technology, try to pry the door latch with some thin plastic sheet in the door gap One of my favorite channels-the Lock Picking Lawyer He always uses a variety of methods to unlock the lock, forcibly opening and using techniques.

But many times the unlocking movement focuses on unlocking nonviolently. Think of locks as a mind-training game that can be unlocked with small tools When those lovers of unlocking know the best tips for unlocking Those manufacturers have already produced new locks to prevent really bad people from doing illegal things. Actually the so-called “penetration safety test” Good people use to improve their skills, and bad people use techniques not only in software Many of the rules applied to locks can also be used in how we encrypt and protect our data For example, a lock with more lock cores would be a bit safer It seems like the longer you set the password, the better But if you set a very complicated password or key But if you put it in a weak system, no matter how complicated you are You can also drill holes The unlocking exercise is a very effective and interesting activity that can open up your basic knowledge of information security concepts For me, my craft is not dexterous, and it is slow to respond to things in three dimensions. I never played with Lego when I was a kid So when I DIY things, I think I’m still awkward I think the unlocking exercise is very helpful in helping to improve hands-on ability Before I show you how to unlock, there are several regulations to unlock.

Article 1: Never choose a lock that you do n’t own or have permission to open. Second: Don’t choose locks that you rely on or are using. Article 3: Do not violate the laws and regulations of your location Before I unlock, I still want to remind you that my unlocking skills are garbage But it’s okay, just entertaining As long as I have improved from the last time, I will be happy Anyway, I only compete with myself But if you compare the unlocking cow on the tubing to me Then i’m a joke So I can’t teach you a lot, I can only show you what Junior Bai can do Let’s start with simple today Start with a little white-level suit, which sells for $ 11 on Universal. When people watch this video, they can go to a certain treasure to search Their website says this is called a transparent padlock. Not Just a perspective to help you go how unlocking works Unlocking mainly depends on feel Once you know how the lock works, you need to feel the direction in which your hand is going So you need to control the direction of the hand first, otherwise the vicious circle, training in the wrong direction will only develop bad habits The material of these locks is acrylic, which can be easily crushed during the unlocking process.

And the lock’s tolerance is very general, it is easy to pry open, so it is easy to develop bad habits But for newbies, buying transparent locks at first is a good practice. This way you can see with the naked eye how the lock works Come see how I did it Now I’m going to use an unlocking single hook to try to unlock I’ll apply medium tension, move the first pin up to the sheer line. See how they moves too easily. But as I said, this is meaningless as practice it’s just to get a picture in your mind that you fingers can follow later.

So how to practice properly? Just go out and buy some locks and get to work? Probably not. Fortunately they sell practice locks where you can set the number of pins, starting with 1, and going up to 7. Then you can add more complicated types of pins like mushrooms spools and serrated pins but we won’t get into that today. There’s a technique called raking- that’s when you quickly move the pick over the pins. It’s kind of like breaking a password by throwing a bunch of random numbers at it really fast. The rake bounces the pins around and a lot of the time they bounce into just the right place and the lock opens.

It’s a good way to initially try to open a lock but it’s really hard on practice locks and I don’t want to wear mine out. Raking is of course a skill you’ll need to learn though, I just like to focus on Single Pin Picking most of the time. Here are two practice locks. The Ultimate Adversary Practice Lock and the EZ Rekey practice lock. Here let me show you. Cool right? Haha not really, if I slide it open you’ll see there are only two pins in there. This is actually really fun for parties because you can pass the lock around and almost anybody can open it and get a feel for things. You can pass it around, and if everyone can do two pins you add a third. It’s a good way to get people interested in security and DIY who might otherwise not care. But what if you can’t get your hands on a practice lock or they are too expensive? Well you can save a bit by making your own, here’s how.

If you don’t want to buy a practice lock you can actually make them for yourself. You can buy cheap locks like this. Just make sure there’s a sliding thing on the top so that you can dump out the pins and go for them and maybe change it to different orders. I already have one pins in this one. I’m going to dumb out the pins in this one and make sure there’s only two pins in here. Now I am going to put this lock in the vice. Then I’m going to put my thumb on the top.

This video is sponsored by Creality 3D, makers of the Ender-3, 3D printer. Check the description box for more info. So what about, you know * real * lockpicking? Well, what I do is I focus on cheap wafer locks like this. These kinds of locks are used to secure file cabinets, desk drawers and small lock boxes. Being able to open those quickly without damaging them is something you can learn to do consistently in a few hours and if you ever really need your lockpicking skills in the real world those are probably the sort of locks that will be most useful opened. That’s it for today. If you check the description box I have links to the Gearbest lock pick set and all the products I talked about today.

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