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What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s video. I’m gonna show you how to create a Facebook live video for beginners in 2018 so if you guys are like you’ve heard all about this Facebook live stuff And you’re like. I don’t really know how to do that I’m gonna show you a few different ways to go through and make that happen alright So I’ve got first my my computer right here I’m going to show you guys how to go live on your personal profile Your facebook business page and a Facebook group, and then also I’ve got my phone right here And I’m gonna show you guys and also add some Tips and tricks of how to go through and go live on your phone as well, so Really quick guys if you guys are brand new the channel my name is Jason Wardrop And I watch a new video every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so you guys Are interesting that and want some more videos just like this make sure you subscribe the channel also If you guys want my facebook ads free mini-course Make sure you go ahead and comment down below comment just Facebook ads and I will get you the link to the Facebook ads mini Course which will help you kind of get your get to know around the Facebook Ads manager Understand the face of a pixel of Facebook leave forms all of the different stuff that you need to get started with your Facebook advertisement alright so Real quick guys you guys can see right here.

This is your typical newsfeed I got this little it’s called a newsfeed Eradicator And I actually love it because on your desktop it removes the the whole newsfeed And then I get to be like be focused a lot more when I’m actually on Facebook and working, okay, so The first place this is kind of your main Profile right your personal profile that connects you with your friend your family all that stuff where you just come over here And you just hit live video, okay? And so it’s going through and says access and your camera you guys can see me right here You’ll probably see me down the corner then also right here, and then the cool thing is You say I want to share on my timeline share in a group share an event Sharing a page you manage and so this really Like you can go through and hit all the different places that you want to go hit okay? And then you could say hey, I want the camera to be my FaceTime Didn’t just the main one from your computer Or you can connect a camera to your computer and use that camera as well And then one thing that’s kind of newer that I really like is Screen shares right because like I do a lot of videos where I go through and I share my screen I kind of shown what I’m doing so I go through hitch screen and So it’s very powerful And it’s very helpful to go make that happen And as far as the microphone is obviously can see the default built-in microphone if you guys have an attached microphone Which I probably need to get but you can go through and make that happen And then you give it a title obviously and then hit go live alright So that’s all you really got to do for up for your personal profile now if we go over here to Like let’s say one of my groups right here, so like the Arsenal and kg group Same type of thing guys all you do is hit live video And you go through same type of thing you look through share a message Choose what what source you want to go through and show like the video camera on if you want to do a share screen now One thing to keep in mind if you guys do do a share screen you’re actually not going to show up on the video So if you’re like I want to do a Facebook live, and I want to show people stuff But I don’t want to be on camera this is a Perfect option right here because you actually will not be on camera whatsoever and then even when you stop sharing the screen it Actually ends the Facebook live which I kind of wish that once you end the share screen It would actually let you still kind of like do your Facebook live, and you’d be on camera, but hey that’s Facebook’s choice So I I’ve got no saying that and then if you guys want to go through Let’s go to my Facebook page right here same type of thing All you do is hit start live video, and it kicks you in the same spot right now this going live from your desktop It’s kind of a newer thing which I actually absolutely love I think it’s super powerful because I like do a lot of demos on my computer showing people different things you guys are watching this Right here, okay, so now let me just show you really quick and on my phone.

Hopefully you guys can see this came And so we’re gonna do is we’re just going to go into the Facebook app now a couple of quick Facebook tips As we’re going through and making this happen if you guys can see I don’t know if you guys can see that But I am in airplane mode, but then I have my Wi-Fi turned on okay Cuz if you guys have been doing this long enough, or if you’re like even thinking about doing this One of the worst nightmares that can happen is you’re in the middle of Facebook live You’ve got people on you’re doing some demo you telling you about stuff you’re doing like you know you’re showing something out of open your realization or whatever it might be and Then you get a phone call right And then if what happens is the Facebook live shuts down the phone call pops up You got to answer the phone and tell the person hey, you just totally a bug me because I was doing a Facebook live Right so what you want to do is you want to make sure you’re an airplane mode Second you want to make sure that your battery to your phone is completely charged or charged enough For how long your facebook life is gonna be right or if it’s gonna be a long Facebook lab And you’re not sure how long it’s gonna be maybe just plug it into the wall, okay And have like a long court and then just be using it with the long cord And then what I do is I just go I turn on the Wi-Fi So airplane mode Wi-Fi is on and then what we’re gonna Do here is the same type of thing you can see right there? it’s got the live video, so we just hit live video right there, and then we’ve got the It just pops up you can and on on the mobile device you can go through it You can do different filters like snapchat, okay? So it’s kind of fun and same type of concept if you want to go post in a Facebook group Just go that group and then hit live video if you wanted to post to your personal profile Go to your profile hit live video if you want to do a page go to your page hit live live video Okay, then you come in here, and you can type in a little description Okay, so you just type in whatever it want to be like so hey? You know this is how to generate more leads with Facebook Ads or whatever it might be that you’re gonna Go through and do and then once you’re done You’re just gonna hit that start live video button okay now what happens I’m not gonna do it right now, or I could actually go through and just choose let me just choose a group maybe that’s I’ll just tell you guys let us tell you guys right here.

Okay, so what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna Give you a quick countdown its gonna once you hit live it doesn’t go Why immediately so you don’t have to freak out okay? It’s gonna Give you a three second countdown so it’s gonna be like three two one boom your life, okay, so What what I do typically is like I just go hit start live video I kind of get adjust and make sure it’s like looking looking right like I’m just like looking in the camera right and Then it’s going to go three two one live and then I usually wait like a half And then I just jump in and I start talking doing whatever I’m gonna do okay so Basically guys that that is how to create a Facebook live video For complete beginners if you guys are brand new with this you’re just trying to get into the groove things and seeing how it all Works, and this is all updated for the new year, so if you’re like oh well This is exactly how it works out.

Yes. It is. It’s exactly how it works right now I do Facebook lives weekly and so very familiar with it so anyway guys Hopefully that was helpful and like I said guys if you want more Facebook tips Facebook marketing ideas and all that stuff make sure you guys comment down below Facebook ads and I will get you guys my Facebook Ads mini-course and It’s kind of a quick run-through on how to get started with your Facebook advertising all right and also if you guys found the video Helpful today go ahead. Give it a thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate that And if you’re brand new to the channel my name is Jason Wardrop And I launched a new video every single day how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so make sure you guys subscribe and Also hit that little notification bell if you guys want to be notified every single time I launched a new video right so with that said guys.

Thank you so much for watching today, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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