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I believe every single one of us has genius within us I believe every single one of us has this Brilliance Longing To See the Light of the day I believe every single person on the planet has a mighty Mission and is available to us for a Magnificent Obsession in their own originally is there an exact formula for this not exactly but there are certain principles and disciplines and actions that anybody can do and when they’re combined in the right order they add up to a success system that never fails you can use these principles in this plans to jumpstart your success and help you attract more of what you want in your life every day in your life you got to weed out the negative and you got a fertilized and positive I think the winner is somebody who gives up every single day and fights the fight against our hearts to fight against fear fights the fight against laziness and procrastination and forces himself to do the work so that they can become a better person so that they can see their dreams come true and so that they can astonish themselves if you’re waking up every day and you’re not taking the steps to be the CEO of your online and managing your day and running your own life you’re going to be unemployed it’s going to run you back and it will and there’s days I woken up and down through the motions and sure as death and taxes something comes up and because I wasn’t in the right mindset hey Ran my day live your best life attacked a world enjoy the journey starting now from the day forward be change and charging go out and make it happen every day get up and live learn love and laugh and go out and go for sees your future Seize Your Destiny and live the life you deserve you want to live when you do the work that makes you feel uncomfortable I would look at 1 or is all the time we celebrate our greatest heroes and business and his farts because of their outcomes but the fact is nobody stops and thinks about the fact that those Champions those winter spent 10 20 30 years getting up day and day off and doing the work so when are somebody that works up every morning purchase themselves out of that bed and does that work to become a better person you got to get up early you got to make a list you got to show up with a great attitude and you got to get it done getting up in the morning and sending your priorities in the morning is very important if you don’t feel your do I’ve heard everything’s in your days that mean something you inspire you your life will fill up with distractions and dumb you got to give yourself permission to be the most magnificent person you could be in what would happen if you actually prioritize your life everyday oh man went after the most important things I failed you do that way and every day and you wake up and you don’t take control of your day and you don’t dominate today but you can start to finish life is going to own you and you waking up with a negative attitude you got to be willing to step back while I’m in a bad mood and you have to work from that minute forward to build that tool in your belt if you will to be able to assess that address it applied if you will and I move art if you could do that life gets exponentially easier easier easier everyday before you know you’re working with greater efficiency tell yourself on a path to self generate success and barley you’re happy I give somebody an exercise is so stupid and so silly I asked him to look in the mirror especially first thing in the morning just look in their eyes and say their name and say I love you I really really love you and this is a normie sweetheart for most people to do to begin with but as you continue to do it it makes a big difference life loves your life really loves you but if you don’t love yourself it’s very hard for life to bring you the goodies cuz you got this wall up what I do everyday the fact that it makes me mentally stronger the fact that I literally push myself to the point of you know being physically ill when you do that and when you’re starting your day 4:30 in the morning whatever you do depressed in your day you’ve tackled the hardest part of your day no matter what goes on you have the confidence and the Guero the true love was to be able to attack sometimes it just showing up yourself if you’re not happy today start acting happy act the way you want to feel and soon you’ll feel the way you act go out and make it happen in your life why not do what you really want with your day I don’t mean to say these are the things that or small little things I’m talking about giving you something that you want a difference in your life and do the things that service to others as well as rewarding to you so we live in a world that we want to be as comfortable as we can and we wonder why we have no growth we wonder why the smallest thing in our life gets difficult we wonder why we cower and we run away because we are kind of livin our our whole life is said that way our whole life a whole life is set up in the path of least resistance we don’t want to sever we don’t want to feel just got her so the whole time we’re living our lives in a very comfortable area there’s no growth if you find something that you love to do then when Monday comes along you’re not going Monday your life Monday I get to act I want you to burn into your nervous system the following statement because it is a fundamental truth of The Human Condition it is literally the Baseline physics of what it means to be a person as Earl Nightingale said we become what we think about and that’s an idea that I want you to hold firmly in your mind that’s something that I really want you to internal I really want you to stop right now whatever you doing laying into this video on the listen to what I’m saying you will become what you think about I really think about that for a second and if it would just wasn’t afraid to have if it’s more than just words have if it were truth about how the brain works because it is you’re going to become the thing you think about and I know you’re doing a lot of negative s*** I know you’re carrying a lot of baggage with you relieved If you’re thinking about all the things you’ve done wrong in the past you were going to Simply continue batcycle And I ever had an ounce of LED of anything I’ve ever said that seemed remotely true believe that these are the most important words that I’m ever going to say to you if you begin to focus on positive thing you begin to focus on your capability you begin to focus on your potential that you have if you really did again build those skills and drive toward Something Beautiful something amazing something that leaves you or not but we want to create a you want to become then you will you will become nothing because you will take those tough because you become what you think about and as Mark Twain said 20 years from now you’ll be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do so you don’t take those steps and you don’t focus on the hand you don’t manifest what you want to become if you don’t believe in that you don’t see how real it could be if you can’t picture the version of yourself that you want to become even know me but I told you that’s not possible for other things you did in the past are never going to allow you to do that you’re not smart enough maybe you let that creep into your mind and that’s what’s going to happen if you can see that Vision if you cannot allow you to take the steps you need to execute against her have you go out there and do those things you won’t regret it but you will regret it if you don’t so get out right now and build the person you want to be so you can have the life you want to a lot of people always asking themselves what can I do to be happy do everything you can to set up habits and take care of your mind in such a way that you generate more happiness no matter who you are what Walk of Life here and number one you have to own your own happiness take it away from other people demanding that they make you happy happy Beautiful People you heard it right we’re vibing people we’re going to be vibing people we’re going to be Joy’s people but that doesn’t happen by itself what we have to do is try and the reason we have to try because life gets in the way all of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything that we wanted to our life you’re a see you’re full of gifts talents potential but if you plant yourself and unhealthy soil if you hang around friends a compromising volume down if you’re in an environment is limited with people that tell you what you can’t become you want to see the growth that you should you are loved you are Divine put that into your imagination I am well I am happy I am content I am fulfilled even if your senses tell you that you’re depressed I have the power I have the power to make this happen I have the power to create this I have the power to attract this I have the power to save my relationship I have the power to build an Unstoppable business that serves people all over the world I have the power to write my next book are my first book so by placing into your imagination what you want and assuming the feeling of that wishes already fulfilled you go through your life feeling that one another of us do that we will we will transform this planet I’m telling you it can’t be done when you know you can you escape the prison of limited beliefs when you know you can you reclaim your power your joy and your freedom as you free yourself from the prison of limited beliefs by choosing empowering beliefs you truly can be and you and have whatever you desire your personality creates your personal reality that’s it it’s that simple and your personality is made of how you think how you act and how you feel what you think and what you believe is what will come true for you your thoughts create your life it’s that simple and when we can get that we can make in Norma’s changes you’re not supposed to go around solo serious all the time burden down by problems taking time to lie to have fun that RI energizes you it helps keep she imbalance here it’s all work all stress all dealing with problem that’s going to weigh you down you need to start giving the vocabulary of happy to your family you have to start giving the vocabulary to happy to your team achoo often we used to laugh when we were dating we used to have fun we used to enjoy each other but now we let the pressures of Life cause us to become more solemn we don’t have time to love we have bills to be we have children to raise for dealing with problems we don’t see eye-to-eye and every situation but the joy is what’s going to help you get through the tough times laughing together having fun that’s going to help keep you together you have a life that’s better than 95% of the people on this planet most people on this planet do not have the luxury that you have right now to watch somebody on a video on YouTube and be able to receive information I could actually improve that your life most people don’t have that luxury most people don’t have a freaking computer in the internet where you can have access to this multimodal have the chair the that the you have overhead right now too many of your sitting around waiting to feel ready you can still afford when you’re not ready too many of you were waiting to feel like you deserve to make six figures it’s about the action your mind your history your past you will always have a million excuses not to do it not to feel like it not to believe in yourself you are a master Creator constantly creating your living exact decor with your thoughts and feelings you are an external being worthy of anything and everything you desire if you wanted to create a new personal reality than a fundamental level you would have to change the thought that you were thinking the behaviors and happy habits a year and the be coming to your identity and most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it never works we have to become somebody else did you live your life that’s someone else’s life not the parents life not your spouse is life not your teen’s life not your obligation live did you live your life cuz you got one shot at it so did you shut up and do well friends on that one disappointment at one lost one bad break to cause you to settle we all go through things we don’t understand life doesn’t always make sense the key is you have to pass through the pace of your greatest pain if you get knocked out bounce up if somebody next to you gets knocked out and help them of look inside yourself and find that desire go win big because we’re always looking back reliving the negative we end up carrying around all this baggage that weighs us down one of the best things that we could do is drop it Let It Go the best part of your life right now is up in front of you music playing you have within you what it’ll take for you to go do something great in your life but you got to get yourself and I’ll positive cocoon where you make some fun in your life you’re a force of nature you’re somebody granny you are put on this Earth to make a difference I’m telling you that the way you were made the way you are now beautiful or handsome and that you’re enough and that once you can finally acknowledge the fact that you’re enough that you’re beautiful and you’re gifted and special I made in tire place that wants you can acknowledge that you’re going to be very very happy all your confidence all your happiness all the things you want to achieve in life come within you understand that you are made perfect from where you are we don’t want to approve things in our lives change the next version of it but they use that exists now is enough everything was in you now make your dreams happened seize the moment enjoy the moment minister in the MoMA do it now don’t somehow think that tomorrow is going to be the time when you go music playing

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