How To Lucid Dream In 9 Seconds (Works 86% Of The Time)


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Ok, what’s up today, i have a little different video for you Will be another technical video in this video you will learn how Inducing lucid dreams in 9 seconds no matter what you are doing now It will take a long time to just pause for a second and I will try to keep Keep it as short as possible and at the end you will know how to use it to induce lucid dreaming Finger lucid dream technology is called well, so you may have Saw my blog post on about this it will be slightly Different i will explain how to use small props to show you with my keyboard In a sense, this technology involves focusing on Finger, especially your finger is designing second Guide yourself into a sober dream like the most sober dream technique This will be done during REM sleep so what you need to do The first is to find a day where you don’t really need to prepare for anything Especially for example setting the alarm to 4am to 4am on weekends Good morning this time it’s you Do this technique well so keep this in mind So fingers frustrate trick sober dreams tricks what are you All you have to do is practice before actually trying Sleep, so now you have to practice my meaning during the day Tell you hello so put your hand on a flat surface Could be something like table or floor and move this 2 Good fingers, you have to move them up and down like you Play the piano, you can alternate between the two notes a bit So keep trying, once you get used to the action you know Get used to your feelings and pretend to be like this again The table is still ok so you have to do it again This is the first time you do this Do smaller actions, such as ok, then you will imagine Actually move your finger away so you have to Just contract and you can see that contracting muscles is enough to move Finger and then than so you are actually oh It’s like you just want to move your finger instead of Really move them, really good to try and practice and use My little kid the right keyboard here is to find two keys on the keyboard i No idea you will see this apparently try here and make it Clear when you press the key no you notice there is a ok you Can actually press it without typing the key and enter Good faith, so this is a great way to practice to relieve your stress Just need to press the button lightly like this, i actually press there But you can press the key a little bit with just one click.

Press the key, this will get a little accustomed to your power Actually need to use almost no good, this is how You will focus on the movement of your fingers You wake up in the morning and try this. This focus will directly guide you Become a sober dream, it will happen really fast Okay it will happen for a few seconds in 5 to 20 minutes and now you can practice Then you move up and remember you haven’t actually moved Totally muscle you are just thinking And focus on practicing with two fingers Put your muscles down, so you do n’t even have these Really move muscles but focus on those muscles Ok, then you will set the alarm so you can wake up at 4:00 Do exactly the same thing, so if you lie, you will not move any muscle if you move Any muscle may not work, you have to try again, you just focus Move it purely with your fingers, what will happen if it works In about five seconds, you will enter your dream, so you need to make a Reality check Okay, this is an important step This is a place where many people mingle, do n’t really do n’t Really get there with this technique once you have completed your finger movement Four, okay, it sounds really cunning but, yes, once it’s done, it’s ok Will you, you won’t for a few seconds, but probably when you It feels like about 20 or 30 seconds you have to do a reality check, okay, Now if you do a reality check, obviously you are in a dream, then you are in Sober dreams, you can continue to do whatever you want if you want Reality check, you are not dreaming that this technology is not working, This is important, you need to retry within an hour and you cannot continue to work hard Because if you keep trying after the first time Work, you will become more and more sober, go to work, This will be very frustrating, so no point wasting your time is ok, so It is useless for the first time.

Hope you will be tired. 4:00 Yes, just set your alarm to an hour and try the exact same thing Another hour okay, no, i think it almost covers everything i have to do Pause the video to try to think about what that tells you, yes, that is Finger dreams of sober tech dreams are really good for beginners Because this technology often has the same no matter how long you Been practicing so you can do this technique for a year The same results can still be used and some techniques are often difficult From the beginning they got slowly easier in another way Various effects around them gradually reduce usage This is also good for a full sober dream experience Good luck, i hope you can work for you they almost work for me The first time i had to try the second job and then From then on, as long as I want to be a very good technology So yes, check out the blog post don’t forget to subscribe You like these videos you can get access more but keep going, Send a question to contact how to stay awake if you want me to answer Yes, see you next video

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