Will The Coronavirus Covid-19 End Humanity? | How To Survive Covid-19


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Will Covid-19 end civilization? Stick around to find out more. My friends as you all know I am not into mongering. However, this virus saga seems to be a lot more serious than you can ever imagine. And as always our so-called leaders and the mainstream media are simply lying. Today in this video I will talk about the corona virus and show you seven steps that you can take to avoid this virus, to remain healthy and virus free. Ff you are visiting this channel for the very first time and this is the type of content that you have been looking for then you may consider subscribing to this channel.

The easiest way to subscribe is to simply click on my logo at the bottom right in this video. The message is, we are all one. There is only one consciousness and we are all a part of that infinite consciousness. Everything is connected and separation is an illusion. What affects you affects me because you are I and I am you. A pleasant and wonderful good afternoon to you all my friends. My name is Orlando.

Thanks for tuning in and welcome to you are I and I am you. I have been getting some really disquieting information about the Covid-19 virus. The latest of which is very alarming. If this information is valid then this virus, this Covid-19 virus, what we dubbed corona virus is a bioweapon. If that is the case then we are having a most urgent and serious situation. the Covid-19 virus is a combination of four viruses. It’s a four in one virus, the envelope of which is the corona virus. Within are the HIV virus (believe it or not), the SARS virus and the MERS virus. These are the four viruses that are in one.

What happens is that, if a person catches this Covid-19 virus then that person’s body would create the antibodies and have an immune response to the corona virus because it’s an envelope so the person’s body only sees this envelope. The person would be treated or whatever and gets better, thinks that he is okay and then another of those viruses, another of the four breaks out. It could be the HIV the MERS or the SARS virus and it keeps going on and on like that like an endless cycle. This is how they build it to work. I personally don’t think that China would ever lock down the whole country and its entire production – it’s economy because of a virus that is harmless.

The mainstream media is telling us on one hand it’s more harmless than the flu virus and on the other hand they said it’s dangerous so we don’t know what to believe. I personally believe that we should take it seriously, what is going on. China knows exactly what this virus is and this is why they locked down the country. They locked it down because the virus is made in China and they know what it’s made for and it got out of hand.

I mean, there are conspiracy theorists who are saying this is a part of the population reduction agenda. That the powers that be are the ones who have planned this all. I personally don’t believe that it had been planned to happen this way. I believe that it happened by accident and that it’s an unplanned event. In any case it’s here and we have to deal with it.

So here are the seven steps that you can take to avoid the corona virus and to remain virus free and healthy. The first step is to be responsible. A part of being responsible is to take this threat seriously. Believe that it is in fact a dangerous virus. It doesn’t mean that you should be afraid but take it seriously. practice good hygiene like washing your hands regularly. I would advise you to use a natural soap to wash your hands instead of an antibacterial soap because for one the antibacterial soaps don’t help to prevent viruses. Viruses are different from bacteria so it doesn’t make any sense and the second thing is that these soaps damage your hands and your skin, so use a normal natural soap without chemicals and wash your hands regularly. Avoid unnecessary contacts with people. I mean physical contacts. Just as a preventative measure. In Jamaica they say prevent is better than cure. Meaning that instead of depending on a medicine that would heal you or can heal you of whatever disease or viruses that you could possible catch, then just avoid or prevent it.

My friends have no fear. There is no need to be afraid of anything. I mean, bioweapons are very dangerous. They are destructive. However the most destructive and dangerous thing is fear. Fear prevents us from reaching our goals and dreams in life. Fear can even kill us I am sure by now that you know of the nocebo effect which is an effect that literally kills people. So have no fear The powers that be know how we respond to fear as human beings and this is what they use to keep us down, to control us and to keep us in physical and mental slavery.

So take back your power and don’t be afraid of anything. this is also one of the means and ways of being responsible. The second step that you can take is pronoia. Pronoia is knowing that the universe and everything around you, every single day, conspire to work in your favor and for your better good. You don’t have to rely on yourself alone because we of ourselves do not have all the power and the strength that we need in this physical body, but there is a higher power, there is a power to which we are connected and a part of which we are and that power is there for us, is there for our better good every day in every way. So be pronoia and don’t be afraid of anything.

The third step that you can take to avoid this virus or illnesses in general is to be proactive. As a proactive person. what you need to do is strengthen your immune system. Disease or dis-ease is an imbalance in your system, a disturbance of homeostasis. So we have to do whatever we can to bring back our body in balance and a part of that is eating right, eating healthy. Avoid GMO, pesticide, herbicide and chemical contaminated food. Do your best to eat organic food. To eat strong healthy plant-based food and on top of that get all the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need. According to Dr. Sebi, we need a hundred and six vitamins and minerals daily and we do not get those vitamins and minerals in the food that we eat daily.

Not even in the organic food so we need supplements. One of the supplements that I personally take on a daily basis is called Cellin. It has the aronia juice in it, which has a lot of OPC, which is a very powerful antioxidant and we needed to really clean up our bodies and build up our body. It has vitamin b12 and other B vitamins, vitamin C and a lot of really valuable stuff that we need in it. So this is one of the supplements that I take daily and would also recommend. Since I have been taking this supplement I have not had a single flu. So it shows that it does help. The other supplement that I take daily is vitamin D because here in Europe we don’t have enough sunlight, especially in winter.

And in winter we don’t get any vitamin D whatsoever from the sun even though it may be shining because of the angle of the earth or of the Sun. Depends on whether you are a globalist as they call them or a flatearther. So because of this angle we do not get the vitamin D that we need in winter so it is very important to take the vitamin D supplement as well and I would advise you to take the liquid form not the tablets because vitamin D actually needs an oil and the liquid form of vitamin D is actually an oil. if possible get vitamin D with vitamin k2 because the two of them really work very well together. The other vitamin, which is a very powerful vitamin and all vitamins need this special vitamin is vitamin C. Get as much vitamin C as you possibly can because all vitamins are dependent on vitamin C and vitamin C is really a powerful antioxidant. So get all the vitamins and minerals that you need in order to have a strong immune system, because a strong immune system is afraid of nothing.

So that’s one of the means and ways to be prepared. The fourth step to take is to prepare. prepare does not have anything to do with fear it means that just in case, you have something to take care of yourself and your family. So stock up a little food, medicines, whatever necessaries that you need daily. I have heard that in the US their four necessities are food (food is a staff of life so we all need food), guns bullets, and gold. In Europe we are not allowed to have guns and bullets so we can supplement that with God. Have faith in God and trust that you will get through these challenges without harm. So preparing is one of the responsible steps that you can and should take. We should not leave our lives up to fate. The fifth step that you can take is to keep close ties even closer. Families, relatives and genuine friends are indispensable. Especially in the times of challenges.

So take up the telephone make a call, write a text message or whatever. To just keep that communication going just show your family members, your friends and your relatives that you care and that you are there for them. Join networks, join groups or communities so that you can help people who will or may need help. So that you can receive help from these people as well. So keep close to others. Unity is strength and we will definitely need this strength during the challenging times.

The sixth step that you can take is to return back to mother nature. Mother nature is our friend. The corona virus is UV-rays sensitive. it cannot survive in natural environments for very long. So go outside, get some sunlight, as much sunlight as you possibly can. Stay outside as long as you can. Breathe in the oxygen, You know, get all the fresh air that you can. Get the healing rays of our beautiful sun that gives us vitamin D and that will also help to build up your immune system, to make you strong and resistible to whatever diseases that may try to come your way. So take a walk in nature and let mother nature raise your vibration. the seventh and last but not least step that you can take is to keep in contact and connected to the universe to sourceAnd, to God, to Allah, to Buddha, Haile Selassie or to even a tree because you are gonna need it during these challenging times.

That connection will give you the energy that you need to go through these challenging times. You know, our mind has a big and powerful effect on our whole body and on our outcome in life. So we will need that during these times, you know. Keep positive thoughts like Earl Nightingale said, we become what we think about. We not only become what we think about, we get what we think about so don’t allow the mainstream media to bomb your minds with negativity but instead keep a positive mindset. Think about the things that you want in life or want to achieve. Think health, think wealth. My friends the world will not end the coronavirus will not destroy our civilization. However the world as we know it will cease to exist, but we will usher in a better world. A new era. An era in which we help each other, we show love to each other. Equality, humanity will be the foundation of the world that we will usher in.

We will learn to love and respect each other, to be there for each other, to live in unity and prosperity with one another. We will usher in a new world. A world in which you are I and I am you. My friends, I just want to say thanks for taking time out to watch this video. If you have found any value in this video, if this video has been of benefit to you, then please give me a thumbs up and if you have been here for the very first time then please subscribe. You can subscribe by just clicking my logo in the bottom right of this video and click the notification bell so that you will always get the latest and the greatest of you are I and I am you. Thanks once more and I wish you a wonderful, beautiful and pleasant day. Head high, walk straight and keep the faith. One love, Jah bless and nuff respect! see you soon:)

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