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Are you tired of all the BS on how to grow on YouTube? Today we’re going to talk about the truth on how I grew my channel from 0 to 9 thousand subscribers in 3 weeks with no money at all, let’s get started. Music Hey what’s up you guys Welcome to may channel my name’s Jade, you probably know me as the Instagram girl, but… This time it’s about YouTube, because something miraculous ‘miraculous’ i’ve never actually never used that word before. Something crazy happened and that video did really well and I feel like guys seem to like my no ‘BULLSHIT’ series, so just a real truth. I’m gonna make this video very concise and straight to the point. It’s going to be 2 parts, i’m gonna talk about the content and how to market.

A lot of you guys have a 50, 50 content and marketing problem regardless good will carry you through. If you don’t have good content, if your product is shit marketing will only expose it. So this is going to be the part 2 series of on how to grow your YouTube channel. Part 1 will be linked below if you wanna see how I get the mindset on growing this channel so fast, this quickly. Oh, and if you’re new here welcome to my channel my name is Jade. I’m 16 years old, i’m an entrepreneur and I’m here to help you grow no social media, so if you wanna like this video and subscribe right here that would truly mean the world to me and i’d really appreciate it. Alright, so we’re gonna cut to the chase, so a lot of you guys don’t really take a look at you YouTube analytics, but ah as I said this before in my other videos.

I sleep with my analytics on like i’m always checking it because I really see the importance of creating content around the data you already have. A lot of you guys will not have the data to look at, so it’s crucial to at least post a lot of shit. Thats why I do daily up loads so I can literally A, B test what works and what doesn’t so accordingly to my data (i’ll pop it right here) so traffic sources are where your views come from. Initially you guys wanna double on search, so YouTube search. Yeah, so what happen to me is I had a lot of people searching in for how to grow on Instagram, i’m the first search. So what happen is because my watch time is long YouTube itself boosted the video so it is recommended on multiple peoples channels.

I think that’s the key; you have to have a good search and then you have to have a good watch time i’ll teach you guys a little formula I came up with to make it more concise and you can apply it to your channel. Again I repeat a lot of you guys have a content problem and your marketing will only make it worse. By the way guys I talk a lot about having ‘good content’ you guy’s are like ‘fuck that, that’s bullshit’. Honestly super crucial you don’t have to have fancy cameras, have a good content strategy plan for example, a lot of you guys are scratching your heads because you like ‘why am I not getting’. I usually see 2 typical mistakes. so your creating videos that no one gives a shit about and knowing no ones gonna pay attention, you have to really think about audience retainment. How do you get people to stay from point A to point B and follow your video? And ideally you have to start with content that people care about, that’s why in my eyes (you can disagree), but vlog’s can damage small channels in the beginning okay.

If you wanna be a vlogger do it, its just going to be harder to grow, also I also like to like to, I also like to side with either entertainment videos or educational because people search for that, people search for vine compilations, people search for tutorials on how to sell cats on Craig’s List like people search for these things. Understand who your demographic is, understand what they are actually caring about, what their actually searching for, and how you can fucking help them instead of of just doing your own shit and hoping for the best. I mean you could do that too, but like… And today we hit 90 thousand subscribers and Elon Musk lunched space-X, so I thought it would be fitting to aha hha make this space themed. umm, so yeah, there is gonna be multiple stages to this tutorial. Stage 1 is about how to create good content, a variable of success. Stage 2 is all about marketing, getting yourself out there and getting your content distributed all over the world. So we’re gonna start with stage 1, so I work with a lot of e commerce brands in the 7 figure level at my families marketing company agency …

right okay then we actually do something called V.O.S (variable of success) .

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