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What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up world Austin John plays here and today we’re going to be going over every single thing to do post game in Legend of Zelda breath as a while yep you destroy gaming, you got a bunch of seeds and shrines and Orbs and all that fun stuff, but there’s a lot to do in this game and well, it’s kind of overwhelming. This is going to be probably the best video to make sure you did everything possible impresses a while after you watch this video to the end. If I missed anything big, be sure to leave a comment – and let me know I’m going to be breaking this down to four sections of a checklist things that can be done just after leaving the gray plateau things done a little later on, but without any divine Beast things that require you to visit multiple areas or complete one or more divine beasts, and, lastly, things that you’re most likely going to be doing after destroying Ganon or you know the real completionist stuff. This list took a lot of time to compile so dropping a like is really appreciated with no further ado, let’s begin number one ride stuff. There are lots of things in this game that can be ridden besides. Wild horses, including deer stall horses, bears and Lord of the mountain, all of which cannot be registered out of stable number two special horses there’s two special horses that can be registered in the game: the Giants horse, aka Ganon horse and the royal horse aka Zelda’s horse. You can register those at any stable and they’re. Yours number three, the jump flash this one is a little silly, but from the pause screen, if you ever went to the ability controls you most likely have a blank slot. This is for the jump, slash tutorial, which can be found in Kakariko village. Number: four: perfect, your abilities lower on the subject. Let’S perfect these perfect, the perfect guard see you can be a guardian with just deflecting your shield and perfect the flurry rush to take down your bigger enemies with ease number five rusted weapons. One really awesome mechanic in this game is finding the ground octo rocks and having them refresh a rusted weapon for the next section of our check. Lists are going to be a bunch of things that require you to progress a little bit more in the game, but still without any divine beasts, number six buy a house there’s a house on Cuttino village. That requires a lot of rupees and resources, find it and buy it number. Seven, the Hylian home owner branching off in number six, a very rupee heavy investment, is fully upgrading and restoring that house to have a place to call your own and show off all your weapons number eight collect some jewelry in the wasteland region. There’S a vendor who sells you special jewelry that resists elements and other various benefits collect all of them. Number nine great fairies, find and pay off all four of the somewhat Raby grape fairies number ten. The horse fairy find they pay off the less rapey but much creepier or is fairy number eleven, the royal guards weapons at any point of the game. You can make your way inside of hyrule castle and there’s several areas that are going to house some of the best weapons in the game. The royal guards weapons find all four number twelve, the Hylian Shield, also in the castle obtainable at any time, which requires you to defeat only one enemy. You could get the Hylian Shield and have it for the entire game. Yay number thirteen, the spring-loaded hammer, fine Kelton head skull lake, and then we find him again and then by the spring-loaded hammer, which is a lot of fun to use number fourteen. The ancient blade saw this can only be obtained at one location of the game and requires you to carry a blue flame. A pretty long distance, find it and buy it. Number fifteen activate all towers, activate all the towers in the game and uncover the entire map. Now I’m going to throw this one right here as an optional, destroy Ganon before having any divine beasts, conquered it’s going to be a really great feat to be able to do this, because you’re not going to have the best of weapons, hearts or divine beasts cleared, Which help you in the final fight so totally optional for the next section is going to require going to multiple areas in the map and or completing one or more of the divine beasts number sixteen get all the outfits get all the sets of outfits in this Game that barbarian the climber, the dark, the desert, though the flame breaker, the Gerudo they each hit the Hylian, the radiant, the rubber, the snow, coal, the soldiers, the stealth and the zoo number 17 monster masks, get all of the monster masks from Kelton. That way, you could blend it with enemy number 18. The champions ability, after defeating the divine beast you’re, going to get the champions abilities, collect all four number 19. This one almost goes hand in hand, but after completing the divine beast you get a weapon for each of the four parts and that weapon, if it ever breaks it could be repurchased from the person you got it from number 20 carry town after buying your house. It begins a side quest for Tarrytown, which is a very resource, heavy side quest, and it involves you recruiting people from all over the world to start this new community. However, the ending is pretty much one of the most fulfilling things you’re ever going to find in a Zelda game number 21 dog. That’S why you’re my gog, my god, I don’t know if everyone’s going to get that reference. There are dogs in this game. Now, when you make them happy and making your bestest buddy and tell them, is there a good boy they bring you to a head and treasure find all 14 number 22 mini-games. There are 16 minigames in the entire game, four of which you’ll need four shrines. The rest are optional, find all 16 number 23 clear, the Coliseum there’s a Coliseum, fairly close to the gray plateau and its own to some of the strongest enemies in the game, after defeating all the four divine beast clear: the entire Coliseum, including the silver Lionel at The bottom number 24, the bridles and saddles there – are six sets of bridles and saddles in this game for your horse, find all six keep in mind to customize your horse and his bridle and saddle. In addition to other things, you have to have max affection with him number 25 find all the captured memories in this game. All twelve wink-wink locations, number 26 of the wild complete all 116 optional shrines that collect the tunic cap and trousers of the wild from The Forgotten temple number 27 destroy Ganon after you feed all the blades and recover all your memories. Defeat gaming for the complete ending of the game. A lot of things on this list are going to require a lot of work and most, if not all, you’re going to want to do after defeating Ganon number 28 upgrade your armor every single piece of armor in the game upgrade them it’s going to take a Lot of Lionel Phoenix and star fragment hunting number 29, upgrade all your equipment slots every khorog seed you find, which further record unconvinced that you startle the core rock and then he poops, because you scared the shit out of him and then he gives you that poop, Which is a core oxy because they reproduce asexually. You only need to find 441 to unlock every inventory slot to max number 30, complete all the side quests. There are 76 in the entire game, not including the shrine quests find and complete all 76 number, 31, 32 and 33 medals of Honor for the moduga Tallis, and he nich’s after defeating Ganon, speak to Kelton again and he’s going to award you with medals of honor. For defeating a certain amount of these three enemies, number 34 head Stu’s gift, the biggest troll of all Nintendo games ever completing all 900 core oxi puzzles, gets you ETSU’s gift, which is just a larger golden poop and lastly, number 35 – and I made this one last Because not many people even really think about it. Complete the Hyrule compendium take pictures of all 385 entries in the entire game. Every creature monster material weapon and treasure in the entire game, from number one which is horse to number 385, which is the luminous stone deposit. All 385 entries I’m also going to throw in for bonus ones that are optional at this time that you can’t do without amiibos or some other method, so they’re completely optional number one get the link outfits from the previous games, with the link. Amiibos number two get epona with a smash: bros link, amiibo number three and four is get the of the sky outfit and the fierce deity outfit, which these two are from amiibos that are currently not released. Yet so you can only do it with a spoofed NFC chip or card so boom 35 things for you to do and breath of the wild besides the main story. So for anyone who defeat again and controlled the divine piece and almost completed all the shrines, the world just got a lot bigger. Did I miss any big ones? Leave a comment down below until next time, Austin Shawn out be sure to like this video and subscribe. I’M going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks till next time, Austin John out

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