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Today we are going to be talking about Fixing that brutal crease when you see that on your shoe right there every time you walk your foot Creases and then he’s just like a deeper meaning. How do you stop it? Yeah, we don’t fix that today So I’m gonna show you all my tips and tricks on what I’ve been doing over the years What’s good everybody how you doing how you been if you do not know My name is DJ and this is the DNA show If you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe button if you already old to the family, what’s up with you? Drop a comment down below.

Let me know how your day going. Obviously we gonna talk about this Creason topic So let’s go ahead and get right into it. So my first problem is when I walk it goes like this and it go and I’m like, oh bro its creasing and every time I look down I just see the crease and I’m like Bruh, what am I supposed to do about this? So then in my mind, I just say, you know what when I get home I’m gonna figure this out and I’m gonna prevent that crease from staying there. So I’m tell you how I do it Basically, this is very simple too. I’m gonna show you three four different options, but this is my style So what I’m gonna do is unless you just a little bit so we can face something up in there for you These paper towels right here Costco special, you know, I’m talking about when you get these extra big and extra plush So we’re gonna roll out some paper towels.

I’m gonna roll out a Good amount of sheets right here. You see I got a nice little bundle right here so I’m a baldies up kind of make them like So now the reason why I don’t use the paper that comes with the shoes actually I might have some fun Normally people get these inside the shoe box and I tend to use these sometimes but I like two paper towels a little bit more Because they’re bigger and I can create a bigger one as I go also It’s softer and it doesn’t puncture the shoe at all when I stick it inside so what I’m gonna do is stick this in here and Work my way all the way to the toe. Keep that pressure on it That way we got a nice tight look to it And now it’s solid and firm right here. So as you can see already If you look at the toe you see is more filled out right here, and it might be a little puffy up top So what I want to do is press down Just a little bit right here smooth it out So that way it doesn’t stretch the leather out anything and then I’m gonna stick another set of paper towels in there Like so to get that Mid part right where that toe Meets the foot right here and here now This part is filled and as you can see, it looks a lot more full a lot more plush, just from like this So this is my typical go-to when I get home I’m putting the paper towels in there and I’m gonna let them sit in there until whenever it is the next time that I’m gonna Be wearing the shoes.

And by the time I get ready to pull out the paper towels, it’s nice and smooth here everything’s filled out and that creasing is pretty much gone and then obviously it’s gonna kind of happen again the next time so we’re gonna Take the paper towels out right now and I’m gonna show you guys another Method and a lot of people like this method actually and for me I’m very happy with this one because this brand is called sold trees and they’re actually very large So for me wearing a size 13 this fits in just like a shoe tree that you have fine I’ll have links down below as well. So you guys can pick these up for your interested in them But just from this you can see it fills out my foot.

It keeps it flat right here And then it also pushes up the top right here So I think for me when it comes to the sole trees It’s more of a display purpose thing because as you can see once I lace it up kind of just for look good Purposes, you know I’m saying not just more to display. That’s what I would say because you know I’m saying that just makes the shoe look full it makes it look nice is good for display, but With that now, you can see right here.

I can push down on the leather still because it’s not filling out the sneaker So it’s more gonna stretch the shoe out like this and it’s gonna stretch that sole out to keep it flush right here But at the same time it’s not gonna fill this out So what you could do is take a little bit of the paper towels and put those over the top of it and then slide The sole tree in and that might help that as well, but that’s just another option for you guys so again If you guys are interested in those I’ll have links down below for different ones some cheaper or more expensive options for you guys to check those out and then Another one that a lot of people always ask about these are the shields from sup, bro.

So these are gonna go inside the shoe We’re gonna stick this right inside the shoe and its gonna stick to the top of the foot right here at the toe So basically the force in the shoe right now and it’s stuck to this part of the shoe right here So it’s gonna go over your foot so when you put your foot in and then it’s gonna sit right on top of your foot like this and then as you walk It’s gonna prevent the creases because now it has a shield right here So every time you step it will prevent those creases and to minimize that crease line as you go me personally I’m not a fan of it because it really fills out the front of the foot and now you got pressure on the top of Your foot so then it causes your toes to go numb and it just doesn’t feel comfortable And if you’re gonna be wearing it all day I don’t think it’s worth the sacrifice and having blue toes just to not have any creases in your shoes That’s just my opinion, but everybody likes how they like to do it I’m just giving you guys different options and telling you what I think about it.

So when it comes to shoes like this or like this Air Force one or a Jordan one. Everybody knows they have a crazy crease right here These are some things that you can use by using crease shields paper towels sole trees Those are a few different options me personally I like the cheap version of literally just taking paper towels Balling them up getting them in there forming them to the foot and then letting it sit in there because over time That’s what will kind of stretch that leather out and get those creases out from time and then it from there It might be a little bit loose if you stuff it too tight So again, like I was saying once you get that in there Press down on the top. So that way it doesn’t stretch the leather out too much also Another option is which you can do is wear Double socks or thicker socks because by doing that it’s gonna fill out the shoe more so when you fill out the shoe more there’s no more room for the foot to wiggle inside and then it’ll cause that crease to Kind of go away So those are kind of just a couple little things that you can do obviously in the end in the in world game There’s no way to prevent creasing you have to walk.

You have to bend your toe otherwise You’re gonna be duck walking all over the place looking like a fool and everybody seen people walking around try not to crease their forces Before we’ve all done it I’ve done it too. So with that being said, I hope this video was helpful for you guys Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button Don’t forget to smash that like button for the algorithm and a go ahead and drop down to the link down below in the description Where it says shot DNA show com go scroll to the bottom of that website once you get there and enter email list right there Because I’ll be sending quick tips and different strategies and hacks and special deals through that email list So if you’re not on that list, you won’t be getting those special discounts or deals. All right you guys, my name is DJ I’m signing out on Gulf. Peace.

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