10 EASY WAYS How To Lace Air Force 1 Low (Tutorial)


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So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Air Force Ones How do you keep increasing how do you place them with all the right things? Today we’re gonna be talking about in different ways on how to leash Air Force One Welcome back to the channel with some with you guys. How you doing? How you been if you did not know My name is DJ and this is the DNA show If you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the like button that helps to algorithm.

Oh so much I appreciate that from you guys now today Let’s get right on topic and let’s start with style number one on how to lace your all my Air Force one We’re gonna go with factory lace for style number one and literally this is the factory lace. Oh, you’re gonna take the lace Hold out right here. And then loosen it just a little bit and here you have the factory lace. Obviously. It’s very simple It’s very quick. It’s very easy, but it’s also clean and a lot of people like it this way How do you feel about that is that your style is it not I don’t know we got 10 different ones So Drock comments down below as we go.

Let me know what you guys are thinking about these lay styles Let’s take it in the lay style number two So since we have the shoe already tied up, this is gonna be a very easy one as well What we’re gonna do is unlace the factory lace here loosen it up just a little bit so your foot can fit up in there And then we’re gonna tie typical classic bow tie not everybody should know how to tie their shoes by Nami You’re kind of over if you don’t know how to tie your shoes.

I think it’s a problem We’re gonna have to get you some help I mean if I need to help you I’ll help you, but I’m just saying here You have it the bow tie regular classic another very vintage Look when it comes to rocking your hallway air force once some people like to keep it here on the second hole and some people Like to keep it here on the first hole. I think that’s another preference thing. That’s up to you to decide Okay, so for our next look I like to call this the inside-out look me personally I never do it because I’m too lazy to do it, but we doing it here today for the video So what you want to do is start from the bottom here like your classic lacing and then now instead of going Underneath right here.

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over top so we always want to start with the inside part of the foot as the tuck side and the outside part of the foot as the over side so what I mean by that is we want to take this one and always lead first with the inside part of the foot and Then we’re gonna go over here So what you want to do is make sure that’s always like this every single time that you do it because then it’ll be in Unison all the way up the foot And me personally I always like to skip this little loophole here right here that you can weave through I never really liked putting it in there, but that’s another preference thing And then once we get to the top hole that we want to finish that either here or here What we’re gonna do on this one instead of going over the top we’re gonna come back Underneath like the classic style and we’re gonna loop through because we’re gonna need to tie the laces this way So then what we’re going to want to do is loosen the shoe a little bit so that we can make sure that our foot Can get inside of there tie our classic bowtie again And then here you have it Now there’s two different types of people people that wear the shoes tight I guess there’s three different type of people who would have wear those shoes tight people that wear their shoes extra tight But if you see somebody walking around with these shoes like that just unlacing form Take care of them get them right because that is just not the way to go and then the third person what a person just wears the shores unlaced no ties just slide in slide out Alright, let’s make it to the deck slit So this one we’re gonna unlace the shoe and we’re gonna keep that over lacing like we have it and then what we’re gonna do Now is loosen it up real good We’re just literally gonna let the lace stick out on the end right here Anywhere from like about an inch to an eighth two inches Maybe and keep loosening as we work our way down the foot.

Make sure you get that bottom one So now you can just slip your foot literally right in and right out Have one more look in this style and then we can take it to the loose under look So now that we have the shoe super loose super ready to go. What we’re gonna do is unlace the top hole right here You’re gonna do is tie a bow And now you have a loose Yet tied look at the same time and you got to take it down to that second rope because if you go all the way to the Top it’s gonna take up too much lace. And then it’s just gonna be too hard So, what do you guys think about this style I feel like it’s solid but again, I’m just not a fan of the Overlook So now let’s take it to some of my favorite styles the under look Okay, so we’re gonna start back from scratch here again, and we’re gonna go to that classic factory lace style So we always want to start with the inside of the foot first.

We’re gonna go underneath this time instead of over Make sure that lace is flat and then we’re gonna go underneath again And every time you go towards the inside of the foot remember that one always follow so now just know I’ve already used this one It’s gonna loop back over to the top That’s how you kind of stay consistent with that because you want to make sure that these laces are always consistent Some people like it extremely loose and some people like it pretty loose me.

I like it pretty loose I always kind of go to the top one here So we’re gonna go to the top and then we’re gonna leave a little bit of space here For the lace to hang out on the side and then again, we’re gonna do the same thing over here they’ve about an answer two inches hanging off the side some people even like to tie the shoe into a knot like this and let it Hang so that way it never falls through but I think it looks kind of weird because then it makes the lace to stick out Sideways and you see how this one’s sticking out and this one’s just drooping down I kind of like the droop down look but again, this is all preference. I’m just giving you guys different options So you guys can make your decision on how you want to rock your shoes start loosening up the shoe. Okay Now you see how I loosened it up and it’s kind of like sticking out too much on here and not here So what we want to do is just tighten it back up here from the top so we can make it pretty even and then Once you get it on your foot it’ll definitely fit to your foot a little bit better as well I Got a couple more licks for you guys So stick around don’t forget to hit that subscribe button If you haven’t already don’t forget to hit that like button cuz you know, like I said before that That stuff helps the algorithm Okay.

So now what we have is this loose look we’re gonna take it down to the second hole and then we’re gonna tie a Tie so there is another look for you. These are not typical lay styles that’s coming up next So make sure you guys stay around because I wouldn’t do this but I mean, hey people like to do it So we got to show you right? Let’s take it into the bar laces now We’re gonna keep this classic look right here And then what we’re gonna do is now we’re gonna skip the opposite hole each time and we’re gonna make the bar laces This is a knot the bars that I’m talkin about like when you wrap it in got bars No, I’m not done it in bars. Trust me to do there another those We already pulled it through and now we’re gonna go from the bottom and pull out here So we’re gonna stay on the same side that we started with left side inside of the foot, whatever you want to call it I want to go through the second hole from the bottom So you can see it still disappeared invisible whatever you like to call it and now we’re gonna take this first one We’re gonna go across To that second hole here.

You can pull it through So now as you can see if I pull this lace back right here I got a bar got two bars right here. We need to write 16 open though, right? Oh Damn, I ain’t got no bars. Ok now for the other side we’re gonna go through the second hole like we did already and then we’re gonna Lace through that same second hole on the other side of the foot now You have your third bar that’s coming across the foot on this side of the foot Continue on this side of the foot every time and then this one is gonna go up two holes we’re gonna skip a hole again like we did last time bang and Then we’re gonna go through the top Of the 4th hole And you kind of see in the pattern here I don’t know if I’m saying it right because there’s so many holes and angles of all these different things You’re gonna have a lot of excess lace lifts.

That’s what I’m saying as well I’m not really a fan of this but I mean it is what it is. It’s pretty tight look I would say and then you can pull it and make a dead stock not If you haven’t seen a dead stock mount or this tutorial or anything like that go check that out then stick it inside the shoe Basically, it’s gonna look like this you’re gonna have this bar look so I’ll show you this on foot and I’ll be right back at you with two more looks I Like to call this one the skipped hole with the big bunny ears look I don’t really like it But hey people be rocking it. So I got to show you right so what we’re gonna do is start with the inside lace and we’re gonna go through the third hole here and we are going to Make sure that we skip a hole Every time so as you can see we are at the top now and we skip the hole every time again I’m just not a big fan of this but look at all this lace.

That’s left, right? It’s just too much and you’re gonna make these laces really really loose and then we’re gonna tie up big tie We’re just gonna kind of let it all droop over right here. Very very chill chill vibe when it comes to these ones Okay on to the last look we’re gonna go with the Overlook this time not the under look and then we’re going to Work our way over this time all this time. We’re only gonna go up like three or four holes Now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start loosening it like an insane amounts Like we’re gonna try to keep it even as we get to right here and then we gonna tie fairly small Size bow we’re gonna tighten that down let them go let them be free and then we’re gonna kind of just like layer the laces on top of each other and the tongue is just like way out here like this just like Basically your foot should just slide in here with the biggest of ease Pause again, huh? Thank you guys for watching what style is your favorite If you have any more comments questions or concerns, please let me know in the comment section and again Don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribe join the family join The DNA fam we’re gonna be talking about some stocks and investments to some cool stuff this year So make sure you guys stay tuned start stacking and don’t save in your cash because it’s time that we make that next step forward In life and really make those big moves not just me, but all of us you too.

So let’s get it Alright, my name is DJ I’m signing out. I’m gone deuces. Peace.

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