Make HEXAFISH with 1 ONE KIT – How to Tutorial for Rainbow Loom Bracelet


Here’s the Video Transcript:

Hey! How’s it going? This is Rob from Justin’s Toys and today I’m going to show you how to make the ‘Hexafish’. Instead of having 2 looms, you’ll only need 1. So, let me show you. I have all my pieces right here. This is the ‘Hexafish’, this is the final product. Alright. You only need 2 of these bar pins and 1 of the bases, the big base.

Make sure the arrow is pointing away from you, because that’s gonna make it easier. and put 1 bar pin here and another one right next to it, identically, as 4, so that they’re completely parallel and the pegs are aligned perfectly and you’re going to see that these 6 pegs right here are the 6 pegs that are actually going to be used for the 6 pins on the ”Hexafish. So, you want to grab your 1º color, make an 8, put it on the first 2 pegs. Grab your 2º color, make an 8, put it on your second and third peg. Alright. The 3º rubber band, make an 8, put it on your next 2 pegs. Your 4º rubber band, next 2 pegs. 5º rubber band, next 2 pegs. And then the 6º one. Alright. Now, once you´ve got that, you want to push down and grab your next color. Put it around all 6 sides. So it´s going to be a rectangle instead of the hexagon. Not as appealing, but it´ll get the job done, and you don’t have to go and get the second kit in this case Then your next rubber band. and put it around all six sides and just like that you take a close look you’ll see you want to make sure that they are not next up tough Robert and it’s always on top at the bottom to and they’re not confusing each other if you mix it up its gonna make your pattern not look very appealing so one account comment just focus to make sure that they’re perfectly aligned alright now you gonna grab the hook and you grabbing the two bottom rubber bands what should be the same color if you chose the same color for sex and then pull it over that Tupac I’m so these on to and pulled it over then these bomb to and a little over in these bottom to you gonna do that on all six science mmm and he’s gone to from over and then the last bomb too alright so you push down then you grab your next color and then you put it on to like a rectangle and then you grab just the bottom and then you pull it over to the top so it’s gonna be that mime green over to the to who to to up and work to the to my last one when you push down grab your next for a problem and be sure everything’s over and to run have online mean over to the to you get the idea same routine same sequence is over and over eventually even see the problem and building and you’re gonna pull it out the other and alright so as you can see em about a quarter done arm I’ve been longing this is highly about 20 or 35 yr bands and you’ll see it start to get congested make there in the middle what you gonna do is you gonna take your heart and actually grab some with those initial eights and call out so that it’ll come out to the other side and that’ll actually and up straightening out and loosening so there it’s a little bit easier months on this gonna continue iraq some fun where I want to be as far as how long this from a man bracelet is and now what I’m going to do is click the and just like my other a sti pics a fish cooking video I’m still gonna take that bottom rubber band and bring it over the top so that there’s only one by verb and left on the side its guy so there you go now I’m going to take one is the ands bring it cool for to one next to it and take next and and bring over into think next to me membrane next and and bring over to the hey next to right some that’s going to be a triangle make sure you work in either clockwise or counterclockwise order that way it’s gonna be me alright then you have your next for men put it around the three triangles like so it doesn’t matter if you’re over on this pay and so then create the same difference and you grab the shoe bottom pegs from under I mean to brown rubber bands from and then you bring over smoothens to to mmm most to thing now you want to transfer all three ants love this last forever man onto one peg okay and now you gonna clip you know so you can see I got all three hands and now you can pull it off can straighten that out so it tightens up and now you wanna quit the other end okay so just like the other pics a fish ending video you are actually gonna transfer this back onto the long and you’re gonna see here you gonna make sure that you I the then if I whichever one is supposed to be on outside I mean easiest thing you can do is just grab both from a and then one at a time transfer them back onto the lawn so there’s that to rubber bands lime green and yellow on and whichever one is the next colors necks and Graham on max I’m Graham on next side actually bring it down to that 6 had I used for nothing happens it’s a little bit more difficult around and and couple X left you our soon I got all six sides on amassing on a rip these of right now confuse you alright so once you have a back on the loan you one identify which one is the bottom I and my situation it’s gonna take the yellow as you can see the yellow walls on growing so and Steph I’m gonna be you’ll yellow and green is on the outside on some gonna again grab the bottom rubber band bring it over the time and there’s only gonna be one lover man left and is basically the same stuff is before week with the other hand your home sometimes yes might have to go and try to reorder them because they might be in the wrong so actually morning sure at them in the right order and once again just like before take one roof and brando to the next take the next over and bring it over to the next take the next for and and bring over to the net ext and and situation does get really tight so I would say be very cautious right when you get your next color win on style and movie should get some space make a triangle and again bring those bottom to up in over and bring in North from to SME you on to money and over and issue stand up no and I can transfer the story last ones until one thank I’m so some no 03 and so that would ban on this one pay straight now and of clicker girl that’s it you’re done

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