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hey everybody this is Ori from astril Webb and I’m creating this video to show you and to walk you through and give you an intro or the blogging platform it’s fairly a new platform that was open to the public to be able to write and post blogs and probably a week or two ago I just wanted to kind of show a little bit of information about what we found so far we’re also pretty new at it and they just wanted to explore this a little bit and to share it with anybody who’s interested okay um so if you go to medium comm you’ll see a very very nice solid simple layout and just you can go and either see articles or go by collections and stuff so collections are just you know as they mention they’re just kind of a bunch of articles placed in the collection for a specific topic right so people kind of create those and you can also create those later right and then you have all these articles and you can see the top articles and I’m just going to show you a quick example here how it looks typically you can embed a image on the top a nice nice large image and just create this very nice font very nice layout you can see the article itself so one cool thing that I really like about it it’s of course a design and the second thing which is interesting is you can actually if you hover over each paragraph for each section on the right hand side there’s a plus a sign kind of this comment so you can actually write comments or tips or notes about specific area so not just you can’t really comment about a specific blog post but if this specific quote for example is interesting and you have something to add to it or to tell to the author you can do that I think that’s a pretty cool idea you see even though and it says here it’s only visible for you an author but but what happens is if you’re the author of an article you can actually choose to either delete it to keep it between whoever commented and and the author or put it public so every single person can read it very very interesting concept for that and yeah that’s that’s basically the idea it’s very easy to embed video so if you have YouTube video and you want to embed it just put the code paste it hit enter and embed same goes for images and we’ll walk you through that in in a second so really nice layout very interesting another thing about a medium comm is that unlike a social networks you can’t follow specific people you either read articles or you actually follow collections which is an interesting interesting concept which you know we got to think a little bit more about what that actually means but I just wanted to share that with you right so if you go to collections and you’re interested you can just click on the follow for collections but that’s a cool so let’s walk through one at a time and just start everything so medium calm is a link to in order to log in you just have to have a Twitter account instead of registering and do all that long process very simple on the bottom here right now we’re logged in we have a log in via Twitter first time you just enter your email confirm via email you log in you’re ready to go so basically as a writer as a reader obviously you can go and enjoy the collections follow them and read and as an author you can either create a new post or a new collection so let’s create a new post I’ll walk you through and then I’ll show you an example of something you know okay so a new post very simple the top image that huge image we saw before a title subtitle and the post itself so let’s just say test and then this is a test and then just your post itself right so here here’s my article and then if you want to embed let’s say YouTube video let’s go to YouTube I’ll show you how simple it is make in a second here let’s just take one of our recent videos that we created about that ah let’s go here to one good okay it doesn’t really matter some vice video right here so if I go to share and I grab the embed code in bed and just take this here right or I’m sorry you can just take the URL here I made a mistake so if I go here and say look at the video and I just hit and hit enter the YouTube video already embeds and it does that with a probably a lot of different things I’ve tried it with a SoundCloud tried it with the YouTube video they all work very well very very nice simple feature that you see the text is nice and big it’s a beautiful clean look there’s a link to the YouTube video and also if you hover on the left hand side to an area then you can embed it add an image same thing go to let’s say we want to add this image right that we created before very very simple very nice layout and that’s it you can also add comment just like you saw before your own comments your own notes you know don’t it sorry let’s say here don’t forget to mention X right and then then when you finish all you do is click on publish that’s basically or you can delete it of course a for users it’s good to have a nice clear huge size image here so I’m gonna actually delete this and show you a post that we did I’ll give you a few more comments and we’ll walk through the next thing okay so this is an article that we created about marketing about universal content something we’ve been thinking a lot about so you see we’ve created a huge image on the top of course filled out our bio before and just a written on all this information text embed a YouTube video that embedded a vine video we have the same link and then hit the enter button embedded a SoundCloud and image bolding things right so if you edit let’s let’s go to edit it let’s see to show you if you hover and select some text and you can actually I’m sorry hey let’s do this you can if you hover over select effect you can bold a header one header two quotes link and all that stuff really really nice right so um let’s go back cancel this I don’t want to make any changes you can see how simple everything is and layout very very nice and done really interesting so at the bottom here you have the sharing feature share share post share on Twitter and Facebook and you have adds a post to a collection which we’ll get in a second and of course to share in general right and also recommend so if people like it like reading they can recommend it you know it’s it’s an interesting concept and you can also select to suggest a link for further reading if you have more to expand them on your blog a post or something like that right so what I want to show you the next thing is I want to show you how to create a collection let me just walk you through that okay so collection is going to click on new collection and you can of course you have to put a order it upload excuse me a nice large large image the name of the collection the description and then click on create in addition what you want to do is you want to either allow anyone to add to the collection and then you can actually monitor and filter them out delete them or not um you know if some of them are spammy or some of them are not related to your topic you can do that or you can only enable specific people then you would select their twitter hands or handle to submit it and you can monitor that so that’s that’s kind of interesting it’s not leaving it open and being able to manage them or just inviting very specific people right now I’m going to walk you to show you an example of one we just created okay so if I go to my my user account right this is my profile you can edit the profile of course very simple just an image your your text and that’s it so if you’ve noticed yet we created a collection right here called marketing related which we want to add more stuff we’re going to follow it you can see follow unfollow and inside here here’s the image that we created the title the description and who created it right so people can actually click and see who created so what we did is we actually added the article we created to this collection oh and one more thing I forgot to mention which is really interesting and because our attention span is very low now with the internet and all this information and stimulus stimuli all the time they didn’t really nice things as far as um leaving the reader before they click on the article to read a suggested a timeline of how long they think it takes to read so some people are lazy might say Oh a long article in twenty minutes I don’t even want to click on it so that’s kind of a cool cool thing that was thought about on okay perfect so what you do is when you go to a specific article that you like so we’ve associated this to to the election right so if you want to add a specific one to a collection if it’s your article or someone else’s article you just go to the bottom and you go here to this plus sign and just click to add to a collection you can just select which one one click on it and you’re good to go now we’ve associated so if you want to remove it you can remove it from collection right here um yeah so that’s that’s basically it for the collections very interesting again people follow a collections not and authors which is very interesting right so I would recommend to create collections on very specific niches which you’re interested in that could be a nice way to work with a medium calm okay so I’m just going to show you one more quick thing here um there’s not too much navigation or anything too much information so if you click on the logo on the M logo you’ll be able to go to your profile and your settings create a new pose to check out your drafts bookmarks of course and also staffs right ss-sorry so if you click on stats you can see how many people viewed your article you see it’s been created a few days ago four days ago I’m going to use how many people actually read it which is interesting and I wonder how they get that maybe just based on scrolling down on the page I mean what was your read ratio and how many recommendations you have for each article see if we only have one article so it’s specified right here but that’s pretty interesting as well you can click on specific articles to just see that graph but right now we just have this one okay let’s see what we have here that’s the analytics and I’m just trying to think you’re just trying to think out loud if I forgot any kind of important mention right so if you one more time if you want to add a specific article to your collection or to another collection click Add here and you’re good to go that’s it so again you know hope you enjoy this this video and we’ll be creating some more later on when the understan medium and better add more content and that’s pretty much it thank you for listening really appreciate it thank you

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