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Hey everyone in this video I am going to take you through this simple process of getting a blog set up at Hostgator and you’ll be up and blogging in just a few minutes and one of the reasons I like Hostgator so much is that they have really great customer support and so you can chat with them right here you can call them and like I talked about in another video where I review all the different hosts that I’ve used hostgator customer services hands-down the best and I just really like them a lot so anyway without any more chat about that we’ll get going so what you want to do first here is this is a home page and so once you’re on the home page you can just go ahead and click view web hosting plans and then here you have a couple different options that you can go with the hatchling plan is the cheapest but I would probably recommend the baby plan for most people and the difference is that the hatchling plan you only get a single domain that you can put on this hosting account whereas a baby plan you can do unlimited and if I can tell you one thing from all the bloggers I’ve seen it’s very rare when I see a blogger who only has one domain and doesn’t have a test site or doesn’t have another site that they kind of want to play with so so it’s really not that much more when you’re I mean unless you’re going out three years unless you’re doing a three-year package that’s where they’re like big deal is but if you’re only locking in for six months and we’re only talking like what 80 cents difference or something so so that’s the other thing you’re gonna save some money by locking in for a longer rate and you know and if you’re not sure completely sure that you’re really into this this whole blogging thing then it might be better to go with the monthly or six-month rate so anyway so go with baby plan and then once you order that now you’re gonna go ahead and enter in whatever domain name that you want to use and if you have a domain you already bought from somewhere else you can enter it in here but we’re gonna go through this process of you get in your domain name right now so we’re just gonna go ahead and call this test blog one three five because I’m guessing that’s not available and then right here what you want to do is enter in Christian PF and this will give you 25% off whatever package you decide to choose and so this is where you need to decide how long you want to do this because it’s only going to give you 25% off whatever the length of package you choose so if you do one month you’re only going to get 25% off for one month but if you lock in for a year you’ll get that 25% off for an entire year or up to three years so you know that’s where you just need to kind of decide what you want to do and sitting right here you can go ahead and enter in your username okay so for the rest of this stuff just go ahead and enter in all your information and then what you can do is just got get down to the bottom and on you can just go ahead and create your account okay so now I chose to pay via PayPal so it’s gonna take me here to the Pay Now button and I’m just gonna go ahead and do that okay so you should begin an email from them it might take a few minutes and if you don’t get it after a few minutes I would just use a live chat box and just ask them about it but let’s flip over to our email and here it is and then what this is is our login information for that so what we’re gonna do is go ahead and we’re going to click on this one right here it’s going to take us to our control panel and then we’re going to we’re going to need our username just go ahead and drop that in and then we’re going to need a password I’ll paste that in the route login and now we are in our control panel area this is where we’re gonna get the blog all set up for you so we’re gonna come down here scroll all the way down under this software and services area and click on Fantastico de luxe and this is where we’re going to install WordPress so on the left side you can just click the WordPress blot button and we are going to do a new installation okay and then install on domain whatever domain we put in and then we’re just going to put in an admin name here and we’re gonna put in a password and we’re just gonna do test pass okay and then the email it by default it’s going to give you whatever your original username was at your new domain and I can show you how to set that up in a separate video but if you have another email address that you’d like to use because this email address will not be set up by default you’ll have to set it up and it’s pretty easy but if you want to use a different email you can just drop that in right there okay and there’s a site and we’re just gonna install WordPress and then just watch this we’re going to finish installation and then now we are good to go and then right here we’re gonna get our username and a password and it’s also gonna have a link for the admin area of our blog and so if we’re just gonna go ahead and click this open that in a new tab and we got our name and password and now what you see here is the backend admin side of your new wordpress blog so flip back over here we’re going to go username and our password you can just go ahead and enter that in and then we can login into now you are now logged in to your your new blog and so right here you can just click this and we’ll go ahead and open that in a new tab and you can see your new blog and so this is your blog and you can just go let me pull this over see and see it just go over to posts you can just do add new post so and then we’re gonna go ahead and click publish and now we are officially a blogger so now you can see your first post over here and there it is so if you have any issues going through any of this process contact Hostgator via their phone number or via the chat box I’ve done this quite a few times sometimes it goes really really quick sometimes you have to wait a little bit for your account to be activated so either way if you have any issues and it doesn’t go really really fast for you just contact them and they should be able to help you out and speed things up a little bit okay so that is about it so I’ll see you guys later

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